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Monday, October 1, 2012

Desutori, Wicked Rider, Oppa Gangnam Run

Have I given up on writing proper introductions and extroductions? Entirely possible! (I don't even care if extroduction isn't really a word. It showed up in the Urban Dictionary. Legit enough for me.)


A young woman whose village has burned down. A capricious goddess, willing to grant said woman the lives of her friends... at the cost of her own. A trek through horrifying traps to gather crystals. One thousand lives. A whole lotta frustration. Yay Desutori! You need patience to get through this game. Lacking that... don't bother playing.

Wicked Rider

Wicked Rider is a testament to the crazy things good programmers can do with Flash. Just look at those visuals. Then picture 'em in motion... or play the game. Easily as good as an SNES game. The game play gets a little bland after a while, I'll admit, but it's a great play up 'til you get tired of coming in fourth. (Seriously. A bit too hard on the early tracks. You shouldn't HAVE to use nitro to win a race.)

Oppa Gangnam Run

I felt obliged to include this game because it's utter nonsense. PSY running across rooftops - nay, DANCING across rooftops - while chased by Slendy. What in the hell. Really just another Canabalt clone, but it's so silly that I advise giving it at least one play.