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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bullet Audyssey

You may or may not have figured this out from my previous reviews, but I'm not a huge fan of techno music. It's too repetitive for me, and I prefer lyrics - something most techno songs I've heard don't include in any great amount. (Or, if they do, it's the same voice clip repeated way too many times. Bleh.)

On a game like Bullet Audyssey, though? Where catching musical beats is of great importance? Yeah, I think I can appreciate techno.


This is you.

This is your enemy.

(Among others. There's something new on each stage.)

The story is simple: your galaxy is under attack by invaders from a distant galaxy who, for whatever reason, have a keen appreciation for hawt beats. You need to bring them down, one at a time, before they annoy everybody with their incessant music... or blow the shit out of those same people with their insane firepower. Either or, I'm not sure.

And, yes, all you have with which to do this is your ship... and your stunning ability to slow down time. Okay, that evens the score a bit, but do you have the stuff needed to survive? We'll see.


Bullet Audyssey is nice and simple in the control department, which is PERFECT because you shouldn't be worrying about fiddly controls. Arrow keys move the ship, Z fires your ship's button, and holding down X will slow time by about half and give you a chance to avoid enemy fire more easily. Steering your ship closer to incoming fire absorbs energy and allows you to both fire and slow time.

Overall, I found the controls good enough to survive most battles. The controls lagged a teensy bit while playing, but I chalked up most deaths to poor decisions on my part, or a lack of power.


Considering the simplicity of the elements that make up the game, Bullet Audyssey is pretty damn neat to watch in action. Most everything is cast in cool, pulsating neon, and the movement of the bullets to the beat is damn near hypnotic. You'll be too busy dodging to appreciate your surroundings, granted, but when the enemy ship is blowing up, sit back and enjoy.

My big problem with the graphics comes in slowdown. A lot happens in Bullet Audyssey, and the sheer amount of movement can slow down your machine. Make sure you play this game on a powerful computer or you might suffer needless deaths because the game lagged.


Like I said above, I'm not a techno fan. The stuff in Bullet Audyssey kinda blends into the rest of the genre for me - which should please those who DO like this kind of music. What I can appreciate is the fact that the music is timed, in most cases, to the enemy bullets, so you can use it to time your moves. Pretty damn innovative for a browser space shooter.

Challenge Rating

Look at that screencap above. Just LOOK at it. Gross, no? Looks pretty hard to weave around, no?

Well, let me tell you something scarier: That's the first level.

Wanna see something scarier?

Yeah. Told you.

Bullet Audyssey is not for the faint of heart. It's not as difficult as it looks, thanks to a leveling system, generous lives (though they're dependent on how well you do) and the ability to slow time, but it's still pretty damn hard. I'd suggest taking on other space shooters that involve weaving around bullets before you try out this game in any serious capacity.


Bullet Audyssey is, overall, pretty fun. Frustrating, yes, but it's a fairly robust game that takes a looooong time to master. Worth a try - just don't expect to get far if you have poor reflexes. Jet pilots are best suited to playing Bullet Audyssey.