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Friday, October 19, 2012

AirScape, Attacher, Spacemen vs Monster



Oh noes! The Earth has been flipped upside down and inside out and all sortsa crazy nonsense by robots! Only one creature can set things right, and that's the lowly dwarf octopus. Strap on a breathing helmet and wriggle through dozens of levels full of fiendish traps, defying gravity at every corner. AirScape is quite fun, though it's not recommended for anyone who gets queasy. I didn't get too far into the second world before I had to stop, my head swirling as much as the game itself.


You are what appears to be a sentient box. What is your purpose in life? Where are you going? What will you be when you get there? Attacher asks a lot of kiiiiinda pretentious questions to its player, though more often than not they simultaneously serve a practical purpose in solving the game's many puzzles - and they're coupled with a really neat physics engine that allows you to cling to other boxes and move around. Very unique, very odd, very... well, play it and you'll see.

Spacemen vs Monster

Your fellow spacemen have been captured by monsters! Kill the monsters! Rescue the spacemen! Sounds like something out of a kid's book, and it would be if you weren't popping off aliens with a gun. Spacemen vs Monsters plays a bit like Worms and Scorched Earth in that you need to carefully aim your shots from a (usually) stationary position to hit your targets with a limited array of weapons. A fun puzzler, if a bit cryptic - some of the weapons could use names, as you occasionally forget what they do until you use it.

Weekend! Have fun rousing your browser, or whatever!