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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tallboy, Cop Crusade, Gravity Duck 2

I'm not feeling intros today, so let's jump right into the action.


You're tall. You're hungry. Your mouth can move along the length of your body. You're Tallboy, and you're a complete freak of nature. Objective: eat as much food as you can while ducking under and jumping over obstacles. This is a weirdass game, lemme tell ya, and that should be reason enough to play.

Cop Crusade

Bad, bad, super-bad men are on the loose and on the highway. You gots to take 'em down in your cop car that admittedly doesn't much look like a cop car. Cop Crusade is an upgradeable birds-eye-view car chase game; go a certain distance and you'll earn money to upgrade your ride. Occasionally blow up other cars with the GIANT CANNON that's apparently hidden in your front bumper. Basic, but it reminds me a little of Spy Hunter, and that ain't never a bad thing none.

Gravity Duck 2

I lack context since I haven't played the first Gravity Duck (yet), but what I understand is this: a Moai statue-type thing has been nabbed and brought to 'the city', and its minion, Gravity Duck, is tasked with bringing it 'delicious golden eggs'.

Sure. Whatever works.

 Gravity Duck is a fun gravity-flippin' game once the plot's out of the way. You have to navigate various perils and change the duck's gravity to reach a golden egg. Do so in 40 levels and you win! It's a decent puzzle game, if a little easy, and should eat up about an hour of your time. Depends how good you are at platforming and puzzling combined.

Finito. Until Wednesday!