Friday, October 5, 2012

Into Space 2, Demon Shift, Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0

As Halloween draws steadily closer and the leaves begin to change colour, we play three games that are not at all thematically appropriate. Except maybe Demon Shift. Yeah.

Into Space 2

I played the original Into Space a while ago (though apparently never reviewed it? Go figure), and this new offering isn't much different. Upgrade your battered rocket into a sleek spaceship that can make it all the way to Mars. The game's pretty much the same, though it adds in a lot more upgrades and a bunch of missions to spice up the play. I would probably plow through the whole thing if it didn't slow down so catastrophically much on my computer. Sigh.

Demon Shift

You are demon. Incompetent demon. You try fetch souls for another demon; you fail. Track down souls. Or whatever those jolly green things might be. Demon Shift is a platformer that borders on puzzle: shifting between two planes, one more dangerous than the other, you must collect the green souls from each level until your job is complete. A fun game, overall, and aesthetically pleasing.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0

I've already reviewed Super Mario Bros. Crossover, but I hadn't realized that it was updated and upgraded. This new version is the same old game, but with new classic characters and more graphical formats. An improvement to an already awesome concept. (Though playing as Bass, above, is WAY too easy.)

Woot! Another week complete. Until next time!

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