Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hunt of HORROR, REW 2, FrankenSplit

Today's Browser Rousers features a smattering of moe Halloweeny games. We're getting close to that magical day, ladies 'n gents.

Hunt of Horror

A Where's Waldo? of the cinematic horror scene. Pretty basic, but the mural's fun to look at and there are a TON of references. I pride myself on having seen a lot of horror movies, and I didn't catch a lot of the references. Go fig.


Sequel to another great game that I've reviewed, REW 2 is a Memento-esque foray into the world of storytelling in that it goes through the plot backwards. Figure out what's happening while journeying through a point-and-click landscape. It's a really neat concept, as you're often left wondering how the landscape got to be the way it is. I didn't find REW 2's story to be quite as neat as REW's, but it's still a good game.


Frankenstein's monster always wanted a friend, and now he's got one - more or less a clone - in this unusual platform-puzzler. Controlling two monsters, you must guide your compatriots to exits with only mouse clicks to make them jump. No other control is needed. A challenging game, as you need to keep track of two restless wanderers at the same time. You'll really appreciate being able to guide your own characters after playing FrankenSplit.

That's all for now. Friday ho!

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