Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunshine, Knightmare Tower, Purple Planet

What's we got today? Aside from a dip into the medieval, mostly outer space fare. First up iiiiiiiis


You are a photon in a universe full of black holes. Make those bastards pay by becoming SUNHIIIIIIINE

Bizarre concept, put into motion in a fantastic way. You orbit around small planetoids and collect motes of sunlight while avoiding black holes. Simple-as-hell premise, more difficult than it initially looks. My only complaint is the music, which, while well-composed and fancy, is poor quality.

Knightmare Tower

Save the princesses! They've been captured! They're in a big, incredibly-impractical tower! Fling your manly knight self to the uppermost limits of the tower, slicing shit on the way! Knightmare Tower is great, upgradeable fun, but you CAN'T PLAY IT ON AN OLDER MACHINE. Or laptops that aren't so great with graphics. Seriously, don't, it'll lag every five seconds. (Hence my crappy position in the screenshot. I'm better on my PC, I swears.)

Purple Planet

Invade an alien's house and mess with his stuff. Sounds like a good plan for an astronaut. Purple Planet's a fun point-and-click adventure that's got a surprising number of challenging, intuitive puzzles and neat visuals. I'd like to see this team do a full-scale puzzle game, reminiscent of the old Castle of Dr. Brain or Myst titles.

I know I promised an extra title today, but I've hit on a revelation: I'm gonna run out of (good) browser games to play if I keep at a four-a-day pace. I think three is a better number. Gives me more time to play each one and sort the good from the bad. Agreed? Agreed. See ya Friday!

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