Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Escape from Puppy Death Factory

What can I say. That's... that's one hell of a name.


Escape From Puppy Death Factory is set in the far-flung future. The remaining puppies of the Earth have been enslaved, and it's up to you, the cannon-slinging corgi K9, to set things right. Relieve the puppies from the burden of captivity!

Yeah, so, it's a retarded plot. It's SUPPOSED to be retarded. Adult Swim games seldom take themselves seriously. Dog fans will get a kick out of the copious numbers of puppies strewn about a hostile landscape...

... and more serious players should enjoy the challenge Escape from Puppy Death Factory presents. Honestly, this is a HARD game (without a walkthrough), and is much more challenging than it appears on the surface. And despite the fact that it looks like a space-shooter similar to the Metroid series (awwww, the puppy looks like Samus), it's the puzzles that will keep your mind thoroughly boggled.


Though it's a puzzler, Escape from Puppy Death Factory is also a platformer, so you need to watch your step. There are lots of enemies and lasers and acid pits and so forth that will send your puppy whizzing back to the last checkpoint. Fortunately, the controls are responsive enough that this won't be a problem.

Your primary puzzle-solving tool is a gun, as you might have guessed. UNLIKE the Metroid series that this game parodies, however, your corgi's gun doesn't kill enemies or blow up blocks. Instead, it swaps K9's position with the object at which it's aimed. This makes for some ingenious methods to get through puzzles, as well as some insidious puzzles in the first place. Again, the controls on the gun are fine...

... with a bit of practice. Expect a lot of trial-and-error.


I really enjoy the visuals in this game. They're crafted into a more cutesy version of Super Metroid. There are also a variety of different environments that aid the exploratory elements of the game, another perfect homage to the exploits of Samus. Overall, two thumbs up.


The music is good. Repetitive, after a while, but there's enough variety that I can forgive and forget. I more enjoyed the synthetic voice that dully sounded whenever I found a puppy.

Challenge Rating

Woof. This game is hard. Even mastering the mechanics isn't necessarily enough to turn Escape from Puppy Death Factory into a breeze. The puzzles are really well done, and though they're often easy with some PRACTICE, getting that far typically requires a lot of head-scratching. Your timing also has to be good, so expect the occasional descent into peril during risky jumps.

Fortunately, you don't have to beat ALL of this game to 'beat' it. Technically you can get an ending just by rescuing a single puppy and returning to your ship. You won't get a greeeeeat ending for doing so, though... and why would you leave any puppies behind? Really, now.


Good game! No overt or game-killing flaws. Escape from Puppy Death Factory might be a little too hard for casual gamers to appreciate, but those with a nose for puzzles will love the death out of this one. Highly recommended.


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