Friday, June 1, 2012

Corporation Inc

Ever wanted all the fun of a mindless, button-pushing desk job in the comfort of your own home? Now you can have it! Corporation Inc can fulfill your every monotonous need, and is guaranteed to be at least a LITTLE more fun than mindless eight-hour-a-day tedium! Joy!


Ever played SimTower before? Corporation Inc is fairly similar, though on more of a micro-managing level. You are the invisible building manager at a button-pushing company (literally, that's all they do), and it's your job to build an office, employ workers, upgrade facilities, provide entertainment, lavish promotions onto employees and otherwise deal with all the nonsense that comes with such a job. Balanced budget ahoy!

Really, that's Corporation Inc in a nutshell. It's a sim. Construct a vertical office and watch as tiny people run in and out all day, completing mindlessly repetitive tasks. I found it quite similar to SimTower, and thus enjoyed the experience. I'm sure others will find it boring. (Which is part of the point, no?)



My only control beef is accurate clicking. Eventually you have so many employees on the screen that's it's difficult to click on the right person, or environment, or whatever. A list for remotely promoting or firing employees would be grand.


This isn't a beautiful game, nor is it an ugly game. Corporation Inc simply is. I appreciate the vacant, hopeless stares of the employees, at least. I can relate. (Also, the idea of a skyhook lifting people through a building is hilarious.)

The big problem here is scope. Once your office gets big enough, you'll have (literally) hundreds of employees running around at the same time. That can be a HUGE drain on system resources. I highly recommend downsizing the graphics to the lowest setting. Particularly if you're a laptop user. (Like me.) The difference is, after a few minutes, negligible.


The music is meh. It fades into the background and vanishes in no time. Whenever people are working you're subjected to the ceaseless clacking of keystrokes, which for ANY computer user is probably heard too often each day anyway. Muted.

Challenge Rating

Corporation Inc scales nicely, depending on the difficulty level. Easy is VERY easy, and Hard is quite hard.

... at least at the beginning. I've had the game running for about half an hour while I've written this review, almost completely unattended, and nothing's gone wrong. On Hard mode, no less.

Corporation Inc's primary problem is a lack of challenge once you squirrel away enough money. Hard starts you with very little, so it can be difficult to keep your employees happy for the first few days. The game's reliance on objectives makes gaining money easier than it initially seems, though, and with enough moolah you can simply hire enough employees to sweep away any difficulties.

(Or, yes, you could promote some of your existing employees to make them more effective. Truth be told, though, new hires solve more problems than promotions. Seemed that way to me, anyway.)

In short? Needs more foul-ups. More things should go wrong in Corporation Inc to improve the difficulty. Your own patience is the only real enemy here.


I'm all for more browser-based sim games, and Corporation Inc is definitely a good start. As it is, though, this title still needs some refining. WAY too easy.


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