Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The World's Biggest Pac-Man

I'm not quite old enough to have experienced the whole Pac-Man phase - was born three years after it first came out? - but I'm no stranger to the game. I played it many, many times in arcades growing up, and I've since played it plenty of times online. Pac-Man's one of those games you're going to experience eventually no matter what you do or where you go.

There was always one problem, though: you always had to play the same damn levels over and over. Time to remedy that problem? Yooooou betcha, and that's just what World's Biggest Pac-Man does.


Predictably enough, World's Biggest Pac-Man is still Pac-Man. You need to gather all the little pellet thingers while avoiding the ghosts. Easy peasy.

The name change comes with one rather massive addition, however: World's Biggest Pac-Man is a sort of Pac-Man MMO, in that players can create and submit their own Pac-Man maps. What's more, every map is sewn together in a massive web, each new map accessible at the sides of the previous map, so you can conceivably play Pac-Man all day long and not see the same map twice. It's a really neat idea - though the quality of your experience is often dependent on whomever's map you've found.


Like the original Pac-Man, World's Biggest Pac-Man features controls that aren't as tight as you'd probably like. Pac-Man is in constant motion unless he hits a wall, and though you'll usually make corners, there are odd occasions where Pac-Man will refuse to obey. All part of the fun, I guess.


It's Pac-Man. Hasn't changed, probably shouldn't change. (I don't like the attempts to modernize Pac-Man and the ghosts in newer incarnations. They just don't look right.)


Wakka wakka wakka!

Challenge Rating

On average, World's Biggest Pac-Man is a teensy bit easier than a normal game of Pac-Man, simply because you have four escape routes to use if the ghosts are incoming. You could pass from one side of the screen to the other in the classic game, true, but the ghosts could always follow. Less problematic here.

That said, World's Biggest Pac-Man's difficulty really depends on the map. Most, like the one I did of Dragomir above, are on par with the old game. (Actually, I'd say Dragomir's a bit tougher than average. I didn't put any power dots near the center. Give it a try here.) Some, on the other hand, are disgustingly hard...

... while others are stupidly easy.

Poor trapped ghosts.

You still need to be good at Pac-Man to survive in World's Biggest Pac-Man, of course, and you'll get lots of practice to that effect - just don't expect to beat every map. It's probably grown hopelessly huge by now.


World's Biggest Pac-Man is, in the end, just a new version of Pac-Man. If you like Pac-Man, you'll like this website. If not, there are plenty of other ghosts in the sea.


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