Monday, January 23, 2012

Effing Worms

Worms. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Usually can't kill 'em.

Effing worms.


I COULD sum up Effing Worms, but the description IN the game is so succinct that I might as well just post a screencap:

Not enough? Okay. Here's the not-so-skinny: you're a worm. A biiiig worm. Human beings running about on the surface offend you and make your tummy rumble. Eat the bastards. Giant worms don't need storylines, they just need meals. So, from a purely game play perspective, Effing Worms is a fast-paced mission to guide your worm about and make it as large as possible by eating things. Eat enough things in one go and you'll enter a frenetic rage that will speed up your worm. Between levels you can choose evolutions that will make your worm faster, tougher and altogether more deadly.

But, yeah, at the end of the day you're just out to eat stuff.


Effing Worm's controls are a little confusing, but only at first. Utilizing WASD or the arrow keys, you can throttle your worm into high gear by holding up or W, then use right/D or left/A to change its angle and direction. A little like a gas pedal and a steering wheel in a car, though this car eats people. The controls will grow on you in no time, and I had few issues with them, aside from the occasional difficulty of locking onto tiny targets.


Effing Worms ain't the cream of the crop, but it's not bad, either. The graphics are basic but sleek, and though the environment around you never changes you won't care about the background anyway - too busy hunting teensy humans. The worm itself is definitely the most impressive visual, going from a wee little thing -

- to a ridiculous monstrosity.

It's so sad watching your children grow into adults.


Effing Worms sports two songs: one that's low key and one that's head-banging, guitar-shredding mayhem. Both are okay, and they're suitable for their respective purposes (not-out-of-the-ground-yet and surprise!). Not wowed, but not disgusted.

Challenge Rating

Effing Worms is not a difficult game, and I highly doubt it was meant to be difficult. The only challenge in the game stems from choosing speed over bulk when accepting wormy upgrades, as speed makes it easier to miss targets and decreases your worm's potential bulk and overall health. You need to keep eating humans and avoiding military weaponry to stay alive, and that's tough to do when you miss your meals every time you come around for another pass.

By the end, Effing Worms is (by the game's own admission) just a sandbox slaughterfest where it's almost impossible to die, assuming you don't stop moving. That does not, however, make the game less fun - it's just stupid fun.


Effing Worms is not high art. This title exists for pure, bloody mayhem. It's a great way to unwind after stress, especially if you're interested in seeing all of the visual combinations you can achieve by evolving your worm. Highly recommended - I'll be going back to play this thing again.


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